Monday, July 20, 2009

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

I can finally say I have ran a half marathon. I've had this goal for quite a while now, and I'm happy to say I achieved it. I'm not much of a goal setter so it felt pretty great. I'm definately not the fastest, but I was pretty much there to finish and not die! Even though I almost did at mile 12! I couldn't believe I had 11 miles behind me and only one to go and all I wanted to do was lay down and be done! But my super sister-in-law Hilary got me through!

Here I am coming into the finish line. I actually started sprinting here,
but this picture makes me look like I was walking! Not So!
Me, Hilary, Misty - hooray for us!

Not only was it a weekend of achieving goals, but also a girls weekend! Nothing can top that! I have some pretty great sisters-in-law I was able to spend the weekend with and it was sooo much fun! We laughed til we cried! I rode down with Heather, Stephani, and Misty to Cedar where we picked up Hilary. Of course we had to carb up :) so we headed for the Pizza favorite! Then it was off to Bryce Canyon. We had good intentions of a good nights sleep before the race but with 5 girls in one tiny hotel room, no such luck. But it sure was fun!
Misty, Hilary, me, Stephani, Heather - I just love these girls
After the race we decided to take in a little scenery. I heard the run was pretty scenic but somehow I missed that. Heather had never seen Bryce Canyon and the rest of us hadn't been in a while so it was fun to see.

us girls again - Heather, me, Steph, Hilary, Misty

Stephani and I
Thanks to my awesome sisters-in-law, that are more like real sisters to me! I can't wait to make this a tradition and do it every year.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Summer Fun!

This summer continues to keep us busy! Justin got a wild hair and decided it would be fun to take the kids to Lagoon! Of course they thought this was a great idea also, so away we went. We went up Sunday after church and spent the night in Orem and headed to Lagoon Monday morning. (after a long night of Jonah screaming with a tooth ache!) We spent the whole day at Lagoon and had a great time. It was HOT but still fun. Hailey was a daredevil as always, and rode everything. Syd did pretty good this time. She's getting a little more brave all the time. We put big shoes on Jonah and set his hat high on his head and he was barely tall enough to ride the white roller coaster and a few other things. He really wanted to go on the collousus, but about half way up that really steep first part he changed his mind! Too late buddy! He decided it was pretty fun though and ended up riding again. I decided I must be too old because every ride seemed to hurt my body!!!

Syd, Max and Hailey at the motel
Danny on the merry-go-round. He is so easily entertained!
After an hour of waiting in line, they didn't even get wet! Hailey, Sydni, me and Danny on the BAT!

On to the 4th of July. This is always such a fun holiday in our little town! People come from all over to celebrate the 4th in Delta! The day before we let the kids decorate their bikes and be in the kiddy parade. Jonah and Sydni thought it was a race so I got stuck helping Danny down main street. About two pedals down the road he got too tired so I Pushed him the rest of the way. Pretty sure we won't be doing the kiddy parade next year! :) On the 4th I got up early with my girls and we ran a 5k here in town. Hailey and Syd thought it was about the hardest thing they had ever done, but they made it....even over the 8 foot fence!! After that we watched the parade and the kids got tons of candy, as usual. Hailey was in the parade this year with her dance class so that was fun. Thanks AGAIN to Russ and LeAnn for letting us sit at the laundromat. It's pretty much the best seat in town! Then it was off to the park for tritip sandwiches! I live for those every year...they are the BEST! The rest of the park day consisted of fighting with the kids over hermit crabs, bouncy slides, etc, etc. I don't think my sister really likes hanging out with me and my children at the park! Too bad for her! We ended the night with a big BBQ at the Bliss' and fireworks. It was a long day, but sooo much fun!

Jonah and Syd....Danny hadn't made it to the park yet! :)

Hailey, Hilary, me, Syd, Misty, Erica after the 5k
Hailey with her dance group
All of Justin's family has been here so we've been spending lots of time with them. We love going up to the canyon together. We brought 4 wheelers and Grandpa Bob brought his horses so everyone had a great time!
Max gets the graham cracker part of a s'more!
We had some black bath water goin' down the drain that night
Me and Danny going for a 4wheeler ride