Saturday, January 31, 2009

6 Months!

I can't believe Max is already 6 months old! He is such a good baby and we love having him around. He loves to chew on EVERYTHING and can sit up now. He's not a huge fan of cereal yet, but he's getting a little more used to it. I hate to say it but he loves TV already! He loves to watch the wiggles with Danny while Danny dances and sings around him. We love you little guy!
We took the kids up to the cabin for the day just to hang out and get out of the house for a while. Grandpa Gary burns names into this log when they come to visit. It looks like we have taken the last of the log. Good thing Max is the youngest!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Birthday Shout-out!

To my BFF Kim! We have been friends since we were dressing kittens in doll clothes. We made Hogi's and Yogi's together in High School, then when I moved over to Chevron, you always brought me cookie dough. We both moved on to Cedar and had some good times there. Even better times coming back to Delta on the weekends for toilet papering in the big brown van (courtesy of Cassie). We even slept in that big brown van a few times and woke up to find frost on the INSIDE of the windows. Why did we think that was fun?! Scaring each other sick at the cabin and doing blue darts til we laughed so hard we peed! Being a shoulder for me to cry on when I find out Hailey was coming into the picture. When you said you were dating Cory, I laughed...I thought you were kidding! But what a pair you two are! We lost touch for a few years, but I'll never forget when I looked out the window and saw Cory looking at the apartments across the street. I couldn't believe it! Now our husbands are friends too! Our trip to Cancun when you almost killed Cory, going camping in tents with both of us pregnant (our poor husbands)! Driving around Oahu having the time or our life and eating lots and lots of food! Finding out we're pregnant, finding out we're not. Shopping trips, rez days, just calling to talk. You have been such a good friend to me for so long. I hope you have a great're a great deserve it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something to blog about

January is one long....boring month. Nothing too exciting has been going on at our house. Finally this weekend we were able to have a little getaway. We left for Cedar on Friday and spent the night with Justin's sister Hilary. It's always fun hanging out with them and all our kids are the same age, so they have lots of fun too. Then on Saturday my friend Tiffany and I were signed up to run a 5k in St. George so we headed down there early in the morning and met up with her. We were both a little nervous since we haven't been running for too long and we've never run three miles without stopping. But I have to say we did pretty good. We ran the whole way and never stopped to walk, plus we ran a little faster than we usually do (which still isn't really fast) so I think we were both pretty proud of ourselves. Plus the weather was awesome, so that's another bonus. I love St. the winter.

Then Justin's sister was nice enough to keep all the kids for the day so Justin and I could have a day together. After the race we went to the temple, then to lunch at outback - thanks to Michelle. It was a really great day!

My pictures are in wrong order as usual - this is after the race. We made it!
About to run

One more funny story...I really wanted Justin to be at the finish line so he could take our picture coming across. He sat there with his camera ready for about ten minutes just waiting. Pretty soon some poor girl starting puking right before she crossed the finish line. Justin was a little sidetracked by that and totally missed me crossing. By the time I found him, he was still waiting for me with the camera! :) Oh well, maybe next time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In 2009.......

Is it smart for me to POST New Years Resolutions? NO! It is not! Because then everybody knows my faults and will be watching to see if I really do all the things I say I am going to do this year. But since everyone that reads my blog probably has a lot better things to do than check up on me and how I am doing with my resolutions, I guess I will go ahead and post some

GoAlS fOr ThE nEw YeAr!!!
-Keep working on my Patcience. This will probably be a goal for me for the rest of my life!
-Be a better mom! Always! Do the little things that are bigger then I realize...Like...Reading stories, tucking them in at night, saying I love you more, just taking more time
-Be a better wife. Even if it's dinner on the table at night and clean socks and underwear in the drawers instead of in the dryer for a week! Remember to tell Justin I love him every day!
-Lose the baby weight. Typical resolution, I know. But it really has to happen!
-Keep running. I am not much of a runner, but I try and I want to try harder.
-Make a quilt. I just want to learn.
-Be a better friend/person. I want to be the kind of person that calls or drops in for no reason, just to let you know you are thinking of them. I have good intentions of doing this, but I seem to chicken out. I want to learn to recognize when people need something, and be there for them. So many have done it for me!!
-Tighten up my spending habits. I don't need everything I see, I have plenty. I need to save my money for a rainy day......or when the milk price plumets!!
-Family Scripture Study, Family prayer, Family home evening. We are doing better, but it's easy to sleep those extra 15 minutes in the morning. But I am recognizing how much it helps our family.
-Realize that a happy family is more important than a clean house. I do realize this, I just can't seem to make it happen.
-Date nights with Justin twice a month!

1. Going to GA in May to see one of my very best friends!
2. Max will turn one! I love when they get a little older!
3. Justin and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage! And hopefully celebrate somewhere warm!
4. I won't be pregnant in the summer!!!
5.Going to Lake Powell with my family! (this better happen)
6. I will have grass for summer playing instead of sand!
7.Kim will be the same age as me!!! :) I know she can't wait to be 30!!
8.Every years just seems to get a little better!
9. Sydni will be done with eye therapy and hopefully have perfectly straight eyes!
10. I will stick with all my resolutions and feel so much better about myself!! :)