Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mamma Mia!!

Justin is always wanting to have guys over to watch movies, so I decided it was my turn! I got all my sisters-in-law to come over and watch Mamma Mia. Justin gave it to me for Christmas and I have been wanting to watch it ever since. We had popcorn and treats and a great time! Thanks girls! Twilight Party next!!!

Lindsey, Loreen, Steph, me, Misty, Hilary, Misty (Linds loved the popcorn)
Getting ready to start the show!!!

How could we not dance to "Dancing Queen"!?!?!

Sing it Lindsey!!

Steph and Hilary - Hilary is really getting into it!

What a fun night! I love all these girls, they are so much fun! We missed Heather though!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 months!

I'm a little behind on this one, but Max turned 5 months on the 28th. He is still such a happy little guy, and our family seems complete with him around. He loves his older brothers and sisters, espcecially Danny. (for some reason) He is so smiley and laughs like crazy! We sure love this little boy!

Church Family Party

I was in charge of the Church family party this year. It took a while to settle on a date,but we finally decided the day after Christmas and everyone was able to come. It was so much fun. I fixed taco salad for dinner then had a ice cream sunday bar. Everyone seemed to like it, especially the kids and the whipped cream and sprinkles!! After we ate we played-Do you love your cousin- Then all the kids opened their gifts, then the adults opened theirs. It's so fun to get toghether, we always have such a fun time. I have the funniest brothers in the world, so we never stop laughing! Thanks for such a fun party everyone!!

Kyle with his Titans mug - Go Titans!!
Max and his present

Grandpa asking Jonah if he loves his cousins!
Getting ready to play

The fam! (some of them anyway)

Christmas Day!

We had such a fun Christmas this year! All the kids seemed to be at just the right ages to be SO excited for Santa to come! Justin told the girls they could come out at 7:30! So mean! They woke up at 5:58 (according to Hailey) and watched TV until about 7 when we told them they could come down. We let Danny sleep in until he was ready to wake up on his own. It was better than dealing with the monster he would have been. When he woke up he looked over the banister and said, "my tracks are here" It was so funny. He had been dying for some train tracks for so long. It was such a fun morning!

Danny was so excited to play with his tracks, he didn't even
have time to put his pants back on!!
Oops...this picture got in twice. Syd asked Santa for Webkinz
and she really loaded up on them!

Hailey started screaming when she saw her ipod! What a girl!
New matching Christmas pj's

Jonah loving his leapster tag book, this kid is obsessed with
learning to read!

Jonah and his speed racer race track!

Danny with his tracks. He even got an awsome table for them

Where is Max? Peacefully sleeping through it all. What a lucky little guy!
After opening presents Grandma and Grandpa Church came over to see all the stuff. So did Darlene and her boys. Then that afternoon we went back to Darlene's for lunch. It was so yummy. That night we went to the Bliss' for Christmas dinner. Yes, we ate a lot today!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Every year my mom and dad give all the kids a new hoodie! They love it, and they're always so cute. This year we got a picture of everyone in their new hoodies......except we forgot about Max. But he got one too!

The Nativity

Every year my mom does a little live nativity with all the grandkids while my dad reads from the scriptures. It always turns out so cute and it's so fun to see all the little kids dressed up. Although......most of the kids aren't so little anymore. What good sports the teenage boys are to dress up for the nativity. I guess it's just too hard to say know to Grandma!

Hailey, Taya, and Rylie....the angels

All dressed up. Except Brayden, he was the donkey that carried
Mary in.....too bad we don't have a costume for that!

Syd was so happy to be Mary this year, especially with a real baby Jesus

What a cute little shepherd

Jonah and Danny as shepherds
Even though the big boys might not love dressing up, I am so happy we do this every year. I am so guilty for getting caught up in all the hustle and bustle that I have a hard time slowing down and taking the time to remember why we really do have Christmas. This nativity is such a good reminder for me and my kids. Thanks Grandma!

Christmas Eve Party

My mom's Christmas Eve party has been my favorite thing since I was little. I remember feeling just like my kids, like time for the party to start would never come! This year was especially great when a special visitor stopped by! Danny could hardly contain himself! He told Santa he wanted tracks and trains!!

After Santa left, we ate the best dinner ever! Prime Rib! Everything tasted so good, and no Christmas eve dinner would be complete without my mom's jello ribbon salad. The kids would almost rather look at the jello than eat it........almost!

Christmas Eve

ChRiStMaS eVe!! According to Hailey, this is the longest day of the year! My kids were so excited for Christmas this year! To make the time go by.....we made some cookies for Santa!

Friday, December 19, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Tag

Thanks for the tag...I really needed to update SOMETHING!

1. Emberassing Moment: Well, I have fallen down about 3 times in the last couple of months, thats never good. Then there is that one running incident a few chosen friends know about.....I think I will keep it that way!

2. Best Friends: Justin, my kids, my mom and sister. I am lucky...I have a lot of great friends!

3. Things I buy regularly: milk, bread, diet coke

4. Places I want to go: Hawaii, New York, on a cruise, Georgia (in May! yay!)

5. Goals for the upcoming year: Lose some weight, run some more, gain patience, be a better mom and wife.

6. Things people don't know about me: I actually like to clean most of the time, but my room is always a complete disaster, I love having my babies sleep with me, i have Britney Spears on my ipod, I kind of love the song ice ice baby!!,

7. Things I would never say: I can't seem to get pregnant! I'll just have water, wow we are early!, sure you can stay up late! I love getting my picture taken!, I'm not at all tired! 5 kids is so easy!

8. Things I love about the Christmas season: Christmas eve dinner at my moms, reading my kids letters to Santa, Danny asking every five seconds if Santa is coming, seeing lots of family, shopping!!!

9. Things I say to my kids: Hurry, we're late, where are your shoes, be nice, I love you

10. Things I do often: clean, yell at my kids (trying to do better on that one) talk on the phone, text, play on the internet, watch the wiggles with Danny

11. Things I would rather not live without: Justin, my kids, my family, my friends, food, clorox wipes, diet coke, a car, disposable diapers, DVR

12. Friends I tag: Misty, Loreen, LeAnn, Katherine, Ashlee, Melanie, Michelle

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last weekend I was bugging Justin to get the tree in. Well, he finally did it and there it sat undecorated for a week. So we decided to have Family Home Evening a day early and decorate the tree. It turned out okay I guess. I told Justin I want to go shopping the day after Christmas and get some new ornaments. I've never been able to have such a big tree before. We are excited for our first Christmas in our house!

Four Months!

Well, I'm a little behind with this post but oh well. Max turned 4 months on the 28 of November. So I guess he's more like 4 1/2 months now. He is still so much fun and such a good baby. This is his new BUMBO chair and he loves it! It totally cracks me up to see him sitting in it. Pretty soon he'll be sitting up on his own. Happy four months Maximum!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This was one of the busiest weekends ever, and I never once pulled out my camera! Thanksgiving morning started out with a rainy 5k at Thanksgiving point. We spent the night in Orem the night before and when I got outside to head up to Lehi it was pouring!! I just about wipmed out and headed back into the motel, but I decided to tough it out. I'm not the fastest runner, but I didn't come in last that is a good thing!

After the race we came back home and hurried to get ready to go to dinner at my moms. In case anyone doesn't know, my mom is the best cook ever. Everything tasted so good and I was sad when it was over! (I think I love food too much) Everyone was there but Mike's family. It's so much fun to be with my family, I just love it! We spent most of the day at my mom's and by the time we got home I was ready for bed!

On Friday morning I went shopping. Not the crazy black Friday kind of shopping, just good 'ol Delta shopping. Webkinz were half off! Hooray! Since Sydni asked Santa for 20 of them. Hmmm....maybe five or six Syd! And all shoes were 40% off, so Justin is now off the hook for a Christmas present! I love shoes! The rest of the day was spent with all the cousins playing at our house. My kids love their cousins so much! Mike and Lisa showed up in the evening and ended up staying at our house, it was way fun! Rick, Lindsey, and Nate all stopped by too so I decided to give Justin an early birthday present so we all watched Hancock in the theater room.

Saturday all the girls went to lunch (missed you Darlene) and to the tree festival. We got their a little late, so we didn't really get to see the trees, but it was fun anyway. There were some really cute trees too. I called Justin and asked if I could buy one...he said NO! We really didn't want to take any kids to lunch with us, so I said they could all just hang out at my house. I think there were 17 there in all!!! The house was still in one piece when we got home, so that was a bonus! Thanks to Kyle and Bethany for babysitting, and to Ty and his friends for keeping Kyle company while he babysat! :) That night was the light parade so we went and watched all five minutes of that. Justin's birthday was Saturday so we went to his mom and dads. Kind of a lame birthday for him, but oh well. Every day seemed like a party!

We had a great holiday weekend, and are looking forward to Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Polar Express

For Jonah's birthday we took the kids up to Heber City to ride the Polar Express! They were all really excited, but when we got on the train and it finally started moving.....Jonah informed me it was NOT a magic train and it was NOT the real Santa! Oh well, we tried. It was a fun little family overnighter anyway. (and beats the heak out of a birthday party)

Jonah helping lead us in Christmas carols.
Danny whispering to Santa what he wanted, I hope Santa heard!

Jonah, mom, Max

The kids waiting to get on the train. It wasn't as cold as it looks!

Max was all bundled up.
Me and my fab five!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Jonah is 6 today! He is so excited to turn 6. He has always been such a fun little guy and I'm so happy to be his mom! He is a pretty good kid most of the time. Some of Jonah's favorites in life are: going to school, playing with his big boy cousins, watching his big boy cousins play sports, hanging out with grandpa gary, and shooting his gun he won at the NRA banquet! Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!

Jonah's birthday also marks another anniversary. My Grandma died the day Jonah was born. It was a bitter sweet day. She was in the hospital for a couple of weeks before she died and every time I would come in, she wanted to know if I'd had that baby yet. No, not yet. Then she'd ask again what I was going to name him so she could tell him to hurry up! So sweet and so sad! I really miss her and think about her and my grandpa a lot. They were the best!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Family Home Evening we decided to make a list of some things we were THANKFUL for. With all the excitement of CHRISTMAS we forget about Thanksgiving. I try to be thankful all the time, but it's nice to have an excuse to really stop and think about all that we have. I know I have more than I could ever ask for and I am Very Thankful! Here are a few things the rest of my family is thankful for:
JUSTIN: Hailey, Sydni, Jonah, Danny, Max, Darla, church, sun, cows, friends, Dad, Angelina Jolie, star wars, our house, work, USA (so far), grass, lawn mowers, computers, families, the priesthood, good health.

DARLA: Justin, Hailey, Sydni, Jonah, Danny, Max, our house, our car, music, running shoes, my ipod, my dishwasher, Christmas, food, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the scriptures, church, pianos, computers, the priesthood, parents, good friends, our year supply, hot baths, pepsi

HAILEY: mom, dad, family, grandparents, food, house, ice cream, Max, best friend Mikah, Christmas, pioneers, Jesus, hair, build-a-bears, trees, stockings, computers, dog, cats, horses

SYDNI: family, friends, food, water, pilgrams, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, dishes, furniture, paper, our house, our car, TV, Christmas, Thanksgiving, turkey, clothes

JONAH: my family, my mom, my dad, my granpo, my dad, my sisdr, my bruvr, my babiy (Jonah insisted on writing his own, so he didn't come up with too many)

DANNY: my friend Guy, my friend Mel, my dog, Maxies, Jonah, Christmas, my house, my room, my jammies, Santa, windows

I really do have so much to be thankful for this year, and every year. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midnight Madness!

Finally, after much anticipation........we watched Twilight! All I can say is, Dang it!!! I was not expecting it to be as good as the book, but I was still a little disappointed. Oh well, there's nothing like staying up all night with your favorite gals. Kim and I got to the theater around nine, the went and stood in line at about 9:30, then they opened the doors at 10. I couldn't believe how many people were there, especially teenagers.....we felt OLD! :) But it was still fun, and I think I have recovered from my lack of sleep. We are so proud of Tiffany for waking up to come and staying awake through the whole movie! And to Michelle....we missed you, but don't worry you didn't miss much! I'm so lucky to have such awsome friends!

Kim, Kathy, Stacia, Tiff, Me, Ashlee

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another funny from Jonah

Sunday morning Jonah was in the bathtub singing away. I was trying to figure out what song he was singing, the tune sounded familiar but the words weren't quite right. Finally I went in there and asked him what song he was singing!

"You know, that Christmas song Grandpa Gary hates!" (little drummer boy)

"I'll play my drum for you Ba-rak-o-bama!"

I died laughing, it was so hilarious. I didn't even tell him it was the wrong words, it was just too funny!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Announcing another Bliss family member

NO! I don't mean another baby! In case I didn't have enough to do, we got a dog. The kids have begged forever and we finally gave in. Actually, we've had a lot of dogs, they just don't last very long. Hopefully this one will. He is a one year old shar-pei named Syd which we have had to change to Sam. Since I couldn't have a baby named Sam, I guess I will settle on a dog named Sam. Anyway, he's pretty cute in an ugly sort of way......or maybe ugly in a cute sort of way. As long as he doesn't poop in my house, it's all good!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the best mom anyone could ever ask for! I just need to give a little shout out to my mom and tell her thanks for all she does for me and my family! She is always there when I need her and I appreciate her so much! My kids adore her and I can't really blame them. Sometimes when I am feeling inadequate on my mothering abilities Justin will remind me I can't compare myself to my mom. She's the only mom that never yelled!!! If I could be just a little more like her, I'd be doing great. Happy birthday mom. I love you.

I decided to have everyone over to my house on Sunday for a birthday dinner. My mom is usually the one having all of us over, so I decided to be the hostest for once. I didn't even make her bring anything.......except the hot fudge, no one can make it like her!

Poor Ty! Laying on the couch with his injured leg.
Brayden, Jordan, Kyle

Danny and Taya observing the party from upstairs.
Sitting around the table chowing down on popcorn, we were too full
for cake and ice cream! But Danny insisted on singing happy birthday.

Mom, I hope you had a great day and have many, many more!