Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Danny!

Danny turned 6 on the 19th. I can't believe my little guy is getting so big! I'm not big on birthday parties but Danny REALLY wanted one this year so I rented a bounce house and put it in the palamor. It was a hit! He invited just a few friends and they were entertained the whole two hours.

His birthday party was the day before his "real" birthday so on Saturday we took the family bowling. Danny has been wanting to go bowling for a long time so he had a great time!

Danny shares his birthday with his cousin, Karson. So on Sunday we had his family over and opened some presents. I guess you could say Danny had a weekend of birthday fun! And he loved every second of it!
Danny is one hilarious kid. I feel like I should pack around a pen and paper to record most the things that come out of his mouth. Here are a few......

*Danny, do you like your teacher?
No! I LOVE her!

*The other day the kids got off the bus and Uncle Nate happened to be down there so he offered the kids a ride. Danny climbed up in the truck and said, "Dad, you look just like Nate"

*Dad, will you turn on club penguin?
-I don't know how
-Do you know how to spell club?
-Do you know how to spell penguin?
-Do you know how to spell WWWdot?

*Mom, when I get bigger and I'm a mom, I'm going to marry you

*My two favorite planets are Saturn and Earth