Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Weekend!

Hailey had a dance Competition in Cedar this weekend so we packed up the WHOLE family and headed down to watch her. She did good, as usual. She has loved dance so much this year, it's been really fun. After she was done we decided we didn't really want to go home...so we headed down to St. George. We had no intentions of staying over night, so we stopped at Target to buy swimming suits and toothbrushes! What else do you need? It wasn't as hot as I would have liked, but it was definately warmer than Delta! The kids had a great time swimming, I stuck to the hot tub! On Sunday we went to the Golden Coral! You would have thought my kids were in heaven!!! They couldn't believe you could keep going back for more...with a new, clean plate and fork even! Yes, we definately got our money's worth! I love random fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Justin had some Dairy meetings in Denver for a couple of days, so I decided to tag along. It worked out great since our friends Casey and Ashlee were going. I don't think the guys had quite as much fun in their meetings as we did shopping, but it was a fun little get-a-way! As usual, we ate lots of good food! We found a new resteraunt that could just be a new favorite! Buca di Beppo. I found one in Utah and can't wait to try it. Of course, no trip is complete without finding a cheesecake factory, another favorite! We had to drag Max along, but he did sooooo good! He is such a good baby. Thanks to Casey and Ashlee for the last minute invite, and thanks to everyone who helped with the rest of the kids! It's always nice to get a little break, and it's always nice to come home. Danny told me he was glad I wasn't lost anymore!

Max REALLY loved the plane ride. He is usually really mellow, but something about this little cooped up airplane brought out the maniac in him!!


Hailey was old enough to play volleyball this year and she absolutely loved it! Especially when they won!! The first game we watched was pretty much torture, but by the second and third game, they were really catching on! Hailey did great on her serving and had a few more hits that actually made it over the net! We will be glad next year when she can play in the BIG gym instead of the little gym and we'll actually have seats to sit on! Good job Hailey!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After a long day we are finally home and happy to say all went well. Syd is known to be a little of a drama queen, but she did so well! I was so proud of her! I was a little nervous about when they would take her from us, but she was totally fine. They had given her an anti-anxiety med that was supposed to calm her down. YA RIGHT! She got the giggles so bad she had us all rolling! She was laughing her head off when they took her away! Oh well, at least it made it easier on us. Primary Children's is a great place. Everyone was so kind and helpful. When you go to a place like Primary's, it sure doesn't take long to realize how blessed we are! One day in there and I'm exhausted! Some families practically live there! Healthy children are such a blessing and I'm thankful for this small ordeal Syd had to go through to make me realize how truly blessed I am! She still can't open her eyes, so I am hoping by tomorrow she can and we can see for ourselves how great it all turned out! Thanks to everyone who called, stopped by, texted, prayed for us today. It was all very touching!

Me and Syd waiting in pre-op
She really liked the ID bracelet for some reason~its supposed
to be the focal point of this picture!

Feeling goofy after her medicine. She couldn't stop laughing!

Attempting to open her eyes, the not so fun part

No thanks, she wants her special blanket from grandma Church
and a wash cloth to cover her eyes!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bye-Bye Funny Eye!

Syd has always been the CRAZY one of the family! She has also been the one that....if it's going to happen....it's going to happen to her! She's the only one of my kids who has been in the hospital, the only one who has broken a bone. Actually both arms at the same time! She has fillings in almost every tooth. Yes, this girl keeps life exciting! When she was about three years old she figured out she could turn one eye in and keep one eye straight. We called it her funny eye! She would do it for people and we would all laugh. Then when she was in first grade we noticed it was turning in all by itself. To make and EXTREMELY long story short....3 years and 4 doctors later, she is finally getting surgery to fix it. We are so excited! (and a little nervous) The doctor says its a pretty common procedure and is same-day surgery, so hopefully everything will go smooth and those big blue eyes will be straight! So tomorrow morning we will be off to Primary Children's Hospital for surgery....we'll keep you posted.

:) I don't think Sydni or Hailey would be very happy with me sharing this picture!

Friday, April 3, 2009

8 months!

I can't believe Max is eight months already! He is still as sweet and loveable as ever! He FINALLY got his two bottom teeth! His absolute favorite thing to chew on is my flip-flops! GROSS! He can't quite crawl yet but he can definately scoot anywhere he wants. He loves bananas and sweet potatoes, and pretty much anything else you will let him eat! We haven't had him weighed lately, but about a month ago he was already 22 pounds! He's a big guy! Love you Max!

Weekend in St. George

I have been slacking in the blogging world lately. We have been pretty busy, and will probably stay busy until school gets out. Last weekend we went and spent the weekend in St. George. It was super fun! Brayden was running in the track meet and Justin has been helping coach the track team so we loaded the fam and headed down. We stopped in Cedar and got to see Ann and her kids for a minute. Then we spent the evening in St. George watching the trackmeet. The next day was the finals so it was fun to watch and sooooo warm! Mike and Lisa and their kids came over from Kanab so all the kids were having a ball playing together. We lost Danny and finally found him laying on the grass with some random girl watching a movie on a little DVD player. It was so funny! He's really good at making friends!

Brayden did so good! He ran 4 races and won all of them. He is quite the runner! The boys ended up taking first out of 22 schools so it was pretty exciting!
Brayden with a few of his biggest fans - Jonah, Danny, and Jake!

I can't believe out of a whole weekend this is the only picture I got!!