Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paparazzi Camera

I have to make fun of Justin and his HUMONGUS camera! Not only is the camera big, but he had to add a huge flash and a huge lens. And to top it all off, he carries it around his neck! Yes, very emberassing.....I call it his paparazzi camera. But in his defense, it takes awsome pictures and I finally found the cord to plug it into the computer, so I decided to post a few. They're nothing to recent, just some more pictures to look at I guess.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summers End

Getting ready to tube

Justin and I

Max would rather just sleep

Hold on Hailey!!

Jonah said he was having fun, it was hard to believe him! Check out that face!

We got to have a couple more days at the res thanks to our friends, Kim and Cory. They invited us out to go out and go tubing. The kids loved it! Cory was a crazy driver and tried pretty hard to throw the kids off, but they held on tight. Thanks for inviting us guys, maybe next year Justin and I will be brave enough to get in!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

It's time for school to start already. My kids were pretty excited. This is actually Hailey and Syd's third day of school. I really meant to get pictures on the first day, but we were running a little late. Imagine that! Anyway, Jonah couldn't wait for Kindergarten to start! He insisted on buying an alarm clock so he will get up in time. When it was FINALLY bed time last night we set the alarm and he was so excited. Well, this morning it beeped......and beeped.....and beeped. I guess he is too deep of a sleeper for an alarm clock. The rest of the house woke up with it though. He thinks we need to turn it up so it'll wake him up tomorrow! What a funny kid. Hailey is especially excited because her teacher said he's not sending home homework. I don't know who was more excited her or me!! Sydni wasn't too excited to hear about no homework for Hailey, but she still had a great first day and was really excited her teacher remembered her birthday and brought her a root beer and M&M's, her favorite. As for me, I enjoyed a quiet morning until Max and Danny woke up. Danny was a little sad to find everyone was at school, so we went and got M&M's and he was all better!

Happy Birthday Sydni!!

Danny really loved the slide!

the cupcake cake!

grandma's pool

blowing out candles

Danny was a good helper when it came time to open presents!

I can hardly believe Syd is eight already!! Time flies! (thank goodness, she was a horrible baby) Syd really partied this year. She had a party at Grandma Annalee's with her pool and Grandma Judi's blow-up water slide. It was a little stressful at first, we plugged the slide in and it wouldn't work, but Grandpa Gary, Justin, and Nate got it figured out just in time. Then Sunday was her real birthday so we had the grandparents over for a barbecue. And on the first day of school she got to take birthday treats! Then, on top of all that, she will be getting baptized next month! All in all, she had a great weekend! Happy Birthday Syd! I love you!

I think I'm in LOVE

When I found out I was pregnant I was sure life was over. I really didn't want another baby. I couldn't imagine what everyone would say about me having five kids, I didn't want to KNOW what people would say. I cried for days and days. Finally, I decided it was going to be okay because I just really had the feeling there was another girl for me. Well, then the ultra sound came and it was a boy. The crying started again. I just really couldn't figure out why this had happened to me!

Then Max finally came and the rest is history. Being four days over, I didn't care about having five kids anymore, I just wanted to be done being pregnant. I had an appointment on Monday, July 28th. I told her I wasn't going home without a baby! So we tried a few things to get me moving along and finally, after walking/waddling around the mall, watching a movie, and going to lunch, I was dilated to a seven and they were ready to break my water if I, yes please!! Within minutes the contractions came on strong and I was ready to go to the birthing center I was having him at. We got there and the contractions were coming harder and stronger. I knew I wasn't going to have an epidural (I know anyone reading this thinks I am crazy) so I just got through them one at a time. Luckily, that part only lasted a couple of hours and he was ready to come. After only 14 minutes of pushing (ouch) he was here. WOW!! What a relief. I was so tired I could hardly hold him when they layed him on me. It was such a great experience for Justin and I both. He was so awsome through the whole thing! He was feeling bad because he didn't know what to say to me while I was in labor, I said it was okay, I didn't want him to talk to me!! So he did the right thing and kept quiet and only did what I asked.

Now here we are three weeks later and I can't imagine life without little Max. He is such a little blessing for us. I love you little Max!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lake Powell

Syd & Uncle Russ

Guitar Hero - You know I would've won!

Hailey loved her braids - thanks Aunt LeAnn

Syd LOVED the slide on the house boat

the kids swimming

Syd, Rylie & Hailey ready to tube

Whoa! Grandpa Gary!!

CRASH!! Syd didn't want to tube after this wreck

Kyle, Brayden, Ty


What fun Grandparents! The kids will never forget this trip!!

Katelyn, Taya, Rylie, & Hailey

All the granddaughters- Rylie, Bethany in back....Taya, Katelyn, Ragen, Syd, Hailey

Syd going down the slide.......AGAIN!!

Hailey with grandma & grandpa - they're the best!

The girls got to go to Lake Powell with my family last week. Everyone had so much fun! They left on Monday and luckily Max was born that day too because we didn't get to talk to them while they were gone. The big boys were crazy jumping off of cliffs, and the littler kids tubed, swam, fished, and went off the slide. Especially Sydni! Grandpa Gary said she went off the slide at least 900 times. Justin and I were sad we weren't there, but everyone had so much fun I think we will do it again next year. WE BETTER!!!! Thanks to my mom and dad and everyone else in my family for taking such good care of my girls. They got a little homesick but everyone was so good to them and they had a great time.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, we finally have a yard. It has been so nice. I wasn't so sure when I came home last Tuesday from having Max, and there were about seven trucks here. But Justin's family was here laying sod, and I really couldn't complain about that. Thanks to all you who helped get the grass down. Justin was pretty happy Max came when he did because they were pretty much done by the time we got home! :) I can't wait to have some fun parties and barbecues in my new back yard!