Sunday, June 28, 2009

I haven't updated in a while because.....

...there has been NO TIME! So much for June! Wow this summer is really flying by! We are livin' up every minute though! I really didn't think we were involved in too much this summer. Never mind! So far we have been......

Learning to sew
Hailey spent 3 days at a 4-H sewing camp that she loved! This is right up her alley. Not to mention she's pretty darn good at it. Maybe now she can teach me to make PJ pants and aprons!

Playing T-ball
Jonah is in T-ball again this summer and loves it! The first few games were freezing cold, but it has finally started to warm up now so thats good. He especially loves being on a team with his best friends Walker, Austin and Jarrett!

Learning new tricks.
Sydni, Jonah and Danny are all in summer tumbling. They love it and are getting pretty good. I need to get a few more pictures...this ones not too great! But they are getting better, and hope to be doing back handsprings by the time grandma and grandpa get home!

Playing at the Res!
"Whats the res? Is this the res? I want to live at the res!" Danny's feelings about the res!

Eating our first nectarine!
Right down to the pit! Max loved watching the kids play in the water and eating his nectarine. He was pretty sticky and sandy when it was over, but he sure had fun!

Learning to Swim
Danny and Jonah both just finished up swimming lessons! Danny passed level 1 woot woot! Jonah didn't quite pass level 3 but it's pretty tough so thats okay. Maybe next time (or the next)

I didn't know what to think when they told my little guy to jump in the deep. But he did it and did great!

What a dive!

A few other picture-less things......
Hailey went to science camp in Cedar City with her cousin Olivia and had the best time!
We went to the temple in St. George with Darlene and family to see them get sealed! YAY!
Spent the day at the res with all the sisters-in-law! Super fun but......33 kids between us all! Whoa!
Spending time with Hilary's family
Lots of training for my half marathon! another Whoa!!
Enjoying sleeping in and no homework!!!
Last but not least....Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Church for a year! I didn't get any pictures of this tearful goodbye but they are doing good and we are surviving without them! I am so proud of them for going on a mission and am thankful for the example they are to myself and my kids! We love them!
Now on to the rest of the summer!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The girls and I have been looking forward to this trip for a LONG time! We are lucky enough to have some great friends in Georgia that we got to go visit. The Bell's had a dairy here in Delta for a few years and we got to know them through that and since then have become life-long friends. It's sad to have them live so far away now, but at least it gives us some place fun to go and visit!
The trip started out with Ammie's 18th birthday so she and I went and got pedicures and manicures and out to lunch. Later that night was Ammie's graduation, so that was fun. The weekend was birthday parties and laying out by the pool. They showed us a great time at the "duck pond" where we swam, canoed, jumped on the tramp in the pond, and went off the zip line! It was so high but I was brave! Hailey too! Syd thinks maybe next time she'll try:)
They live in a cute little historic town, so Monday we walked around and shopped. My favorite thing to do!
The rest of the trip pretty much consisted of laying out by the pool, eating, talking, laughing. I even introduced them to homemade root beer which they loved!
It was such a fun relaxing trip! I loved it!
A big shout out to Justin who stayed home with all the boys! WOW! What a great husband! I was so home sick for my boys, but I knew they were taken care of. Thanks babe!

Sydni's favorite part was taking pictures out of the airplane. There were about 20, but I'll just share one!

Ammie's graduation and birthday

Hailey by the pool

The slip n slide crash!

Ammie and Syd on the slip n slide

Syd + Ammie = best friends!

Ammie, me and Syd. Happy Birthday!

Hailey on the zip line. Yes, she was screaming!

Syd and Ammie.....again

and again......

Leigh Anne and me


at the cracker barrel before we had to sad

Me and Leigh Anne

Thanks for such a fun trip "ya'all" Can't wait til next time!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the Stock Show

After 3 long months of taking care of lambs, it was finally stock show time. The girls were less than thrilled (so was I) about having lambs. Getting them to feed the lambs twice a day was almost impossible, not to mention making them actually get out in the pen and work with them. I was expecting a total disaster once show time came. But lo and behold....they did great!! I think they might have even liked it a little bit! Especially when they got their check! :) Good job girls!