Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hailey's friend

Hailey has made a special friend in school this year. I never really thought Hailey would be interested in helping handicapped kids but she has really proven me wrong! She loves to visit Talyea every day during recess. She reads to her and paints her fingernails. Today was Talyea's birthday so Hailey planned a little surprise party for her, and she loved it! After school we took her some presents at the care center. I'm so proud of Hailey, I really believe she has a gift!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Fun!

Justin took the kids and some of their friends sledding over Christmas Break. They LOVED it! I was perfectly happy to stay home with Max in the warm house. I sent plenty of hot chocolate to keep them warm while they were gone. Good times! (why is this post blue and underlined? I don't know)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Whoa! What a year. Christmas came and went in a blur and I hardly took a picture! We were so busy this year I feel like I hardly took time to slow down and enjoy it. Here is a little of what we did:
Danny had the cutest preschool program, but when I pulled out my camera...the battery was dead. But I did have my video camera so I do have some video. Hailey had her first orchestra concert. She is learning to play the violin and doing a good job. I hope she will stick with it. Have you ever been to a 5th grade orchestra concert?! They can only get better! Jonah's whole class wrote letters to my parents on their mission. I thought that was pretty sweet, and so did my mom and dad.
I was in charge of the Bliss family Christmas party this year. That was a little stressful...there are a lot of Blisses! It turned out great though, thanks to lots of help from the family. We had a good dinner, a nativity with LOTS of angels and shepherds and opened gifts. When I pulled out my camera, my memory card was full. Nice. Christmas Eve dinner with my family was at my house this year. It was a little lonely without my parents but we still had a great time. We opened our gifts from them and we are all official Colts fans now! Justin set up a video messaging online so they got to see us all. It was fun.....til the call came from the dairy that two workers decided they didn't want to work Christmas eve night and Justin ended up milking all night!! Lets just say Santa did not like working alone.
When the kids woke up they were pretty excited to see what Santa had brought and I think everyone was happy.
I really wish I had more pictures :(

Next year I'm going to do better.
Max with his farm.

Here are all the Colts fans on Christmas Eve

Danny the little shepherd boy

Making Gingerbread houses at Grandma Judi's

Hailey got her reborn doll, Syd got her ipod, Jonah got his nintendo DSi, and Danny got his dinosaur castle. All in all a good year.