Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend in St. George

I have been slacking in the blogging world lately. We have been pretty busy, and will probably stay busy until school gets out. Last weekend we went and spent the weekend in St. George. It was super fun! Brayden was running in the track meet and Justin has been helping coach the track team so we loaded the fam and headed down. We stopped in Cedar and got to see Ann and her kids for a minute. Then we spent the evening in St. George watching the trackmeet. The next day was the finals so it was fun to watch and sooooo warm! Mike and Lisa and their kids came over from Kanab so all the kids were having a ball playing together. We lost Danny and finally found him laying on the grass with some random girl watching a movie on a little DVD player. It was so funny! He's really good at making friends!

Brayden did so good! He ran 4 races and won all of them. He is quite the runner! The boys ended up taking first out of 22 schools so it was pretty exciting!
Brayden with a few of his biggest fans - Jonah, Danny, and Jake!

I can't believe out of a whole weekend this is the only picture I got!!

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Wilson Family said...

Your boys are really cute. I can't believe how much he looks like Darlene. Thanks for the call while you were here!!!! I only live a few minutes from the school. :)