Sunday, June 28, 2009

I haven't updated in a while because.....

...there has been NO TIME! So much for June! Wow this summer is really flying by! We are livin' up every minute though! I really didn't think we were involved in too much this summer. Never mind! So far we have been......

Learning to sew
Hailey spent 3 days at a 4-H sewing camp that she loved! This is right up her alley. Not to mention she's pretty darn good at it. Maybe now she can teach me to make PJ pants and aprons!

Playing T-ball
Jonah is in T-ball again this summer and loves it! The first few games were freezing cold, but it has finally started to warm up now so thats good. He especially loves being on a team with his best friends Walker, Austin and Jarrett!

Learning new tricks.
Sydni, Jonah and Danny are all in summer tumbling. They love it and are getting pretty good. I need to get a few more pictures...this ones not too great! But they are getting better, and hope to be doing back handsprings by the time grandma and grandpa get home!

Playing at the Res!
"Whats the res? Is this the res? I want to live at the res!" Danny's feelings about the res!

Eating our first nectarine!
Right down to the pit! Max loved watching the kids play in the water and eating his nectarine. He was pretty sticky and sandy when it was over, but he sure had fun!

Learning to Swim
Danny and Jonah both just finished up swimming lessons! Danny passed level 1 woot woot! Jonah didn't quite pass level 3 but it's pretty tough so thats okay. Maybe next time (or the next)

I didn't know what to think when they told my little guy to jump in the deep. But he did it and did great!

What a dive!

A few other picture-less things......
Hailey went to science camp in Cedar City with her cousin Olivia and had the best time!
We went to the temple in St. George with Darlene and family to see them get sealed! YAY!
Spent the day at the res with all the sisters-in-law! Super fun but......33 kids between us all! Whoa!
Spending time with Hilary's family
Lots of training for my half marathon! another Whoa!!
Enjoying sleeping in and no homework!!!
Last but not least....Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Church for a year! I didn't get any pictures of this tearful goodbye but they are doing good and we are surviving without them! I am so proud of them for going on a mission and am thankful for the example they are to myself and my kids! We love them!
Now on to the rest of the summer!


Wilson Family said...

I can tell that you have nothing going on this summer. You are a much nicer mother than I. It makes the summer go by though. I can't believe that kids can do this to you. Run here and there, and not even think anything of it. I love them. Congrats to Darlene and her family. That sounds really cool. Where did your mom and dad go on their mission? We are not sure if we will make it to Delta for the 4th. We have to be here for church on Sunday, and would only get to go up on Saturday. So it is still up in the air.

Michelle and Todd said...

Wow! Is all this why I never see you anymore?! :)

Kim and Cory said...

sheesh! Slow down Darla. I think the sleeping in is the best part of summer :)

Melanie said...

Wow, you are amazing. I am sure I will see you on the 4th.

Bearden Family said...

What a fun summer! I hope to make it down sometime to see you.

Jamie said...

Looks like you have had a very busy summer. You need to slow down :)