Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween came and went in a blur this year! Is our school district trying to punish us by having Red Ribbon week and Halloween in the same week?!?! Pretty much every day was Halloween for us, and when you have 4 kids in 3 different schools....things can get confusing! I do wish I would have got more pictures of the kids though. They looked pretty cute. But since we barely were making it to the bus in time, there was no time for pictures.

Sydni was a go-go girl. She looked so cute in her costume. She went trick-or-treating with her friends this year and LOVED it! Jonah was a vampire and Danny was Mario! When Danny got his costume, I was seriously in love with it! It was so cute on him! But after putting the mustache and inflatable belly on him 500 times, I got really tired of it. But it was a hit on Halloween! Max was a 5th child, which means, he probably won't dress up until he starts school and demands to.

After some fun trick-or-treatin we came home and had soup and a movie with Kim and Cory. We made homemade root beer too and it was delicious!

Hailey was a zombie this year. Her dance team does Thriller so she decided her dance costume would make a good Halloween costume. Easy! After her Thriller performance on Thursday night Justin took the girls to the Pizza House for dinner. They were supposed to be at the daddy daughter date at the skating rink, but since Justin couldn't skate they didn't want to go. Anyway.....Hailey took my camera to the Pizza House and LEFT IT THERE!!!! It has a memory card full of pictures! I am dying over it. So if you find a camera and there are pictures of my kids on the memory card.....PLEASE return it to me!
Happy Halloween!


Melanie said...

How cute. I love the Mario costume too.

Bryan and Jessica said...

your kids are so cute! that totally sucks about your camera. we lost all of our honeymoon pictures and it is a bummer. i will keep my eye out for a camera with your cute kids. good luck!

Tiff said...

Syd looked so cute! I still laugh when I think of Danny talking with that mustache on! So cute! Glad you had fun and that it's over for you!

Jamie said...

Your kids look so cute. Syd has the same costume that Ashlee had.

Michelle and Todd said...

That sounds like lots of fun. Your kids all look so good! That stinks about your camera...I am sorry!

Meladie said...

Your kids look so cute....I love all the costumes! That sucks about your camera :( Hope maybe you've found it by now???