Friday, February 26, 2010

Danny's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Danny! As you know, I'd rather do just about anything than a birthday party. So we loaded all the kids and headed to Pirate Island Pizza in Orem. It was pretty much a new and improved (and sanitary) Chuck E Cheese. Everyone had a great time, thanks to our friends Casey and Ashlee for tagging along so Danny could have a friend with him!

the birthday boy....dang side-ways picture!
All the pirates singing happy birthday to Danny

Danny got a new bike and an optimus prime transformer

Blowing out all 5 candles
After telling Danny about 500 times to come in the bathroom and comb his hair, he finally came in and told me so so proudly, "I'm 5 now so when you yell at me, I don't get scared." Thats the truth!


Michelle and Todd said...

Happy Birthday to Danny! He is a cute,funny boy! That pirate place looks fun, especially since you didn't have to do a party! :)

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