Friday, June 4, 2010

Stock Show

Sydni decided to do the stock show again this year. After a couple of tragedies with her lambs, she finally got one that didn't die and decided to show a little heifer calf too. She totally fell in love with that calf, it was cute. She ended up winning 3rd place with her calf and got a plaque and a trophy. Pretty exciting!

Learning to shave her calf to get ready to show

walking, walking, walking her calf. Lots of work,
but it paid off.

Cute little cowgirl


The Tophams said...

Way to go Sydni! Seeing the stock show pictures brings back some good ol' memories, don't know if I'm willing to put forth the effort my parents did to have my kids do the stock show! So hats off to you!

Jimi said...

How fun! I never did the stock show. But I know Melissa sure loved it :)

Michelle said...

Good job Sydni (and you). She is a cute little cowgirl!!