Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Time

Summer is just flying by and we haven't even done much. The other day I took all 5 kids (something I rarely do) up to the Payson pool. Everyone had such a blast, we will definitely be back.

An attempt to get a picture of all 5 kids....not too succesful

My friends will love me for this pic :)

Some pictureless things we've done this summer:
Quilt camp with the Church girls
A day at 7 Peaks with Stephani's fam
Jonah camping for a week with Grandpa Gary and boy cousins
Tea Party for Bliss girls at Grandma Judi's house

Here's hoping I'll pull out my camera a little more.


Kim said...

how could we ever hate you for such a sexy picture of the four of us??!!

The Tophams said...

Fun place! And you're right, sure love ya:)

Michelle said...

THANKS...thanks alot!!! I hope that is the last time I ever see myself in a swimsuit!!:)