Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disney Cruise Part 1

We took a great family vacation this year.  Justin and I had talked about going on a cruise for quite a while and finally decided to go for it.....and take all the kids!  It was a little crazy getting everyone ready to go but once we got there it couldn't have been better!  There was always something for the kids to do and some days we'd hardly see them at all.  We stopped in Puerto Vallarta for one day and Cabo San Lucas for two days.  It felt so nice to be in the sunshine again!

I still can't ever make my pictures be in the right order but oh well......

This is our waiter/Max's new best friend.  He was so good with the kids and they loved him.  One night the kids all had steak for dinner and when he started cutting their meat for them I decided I loved him too!

Danny had more than his share of chocolate shakes, that's for sure!
It wasn't always warm when we were out to sea but that didn't keep the kids out of the pool.

Our second day we had the character breakfast.  All the characters came around and signed things for the kids.  Then our waiter made all the kids a little character hat of their own.

                                                            Captain Jack Sparrow
                                                             Minnie Mouse
                                                               Peter Pan

                                                      The family with Mickey!

                              This was the sail away party after we got on the ship.  It was so much fun!
                                  I love all things Disney!!

                             And this is the start of many many ice cream cones!!
A few more highlights of the trip.

*Swimming with dolphins in Mexico (no cameras allowed, BOO!!)
*Jonah playing the Pink Panther in the talent show
*Danny didn't get his first kiss like he wanted to, but he did hold hands with a girl
*Meeting new friends
*The never ending soft serve ice cream cones
*French Fries and Diet Coke by the pool
*Justin and I eating at Palo....the adults only restaurant that was to die for!
*The shows.  They were so awesome!
*Making the best memories ever!

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