Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8 Things!

I've been tagged....twice! So here it goes.

8 things about me......

Here are the rules:
1)Post rules on your blog
2)Answer the six "8" items
3)Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment

Favorite TV shows:
1. Biggest Loser
2. American Idol
3. The Office
4. Oprah
5. Friends
6. I don't watch anything else I guess

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Ditched Tiffany and didn't go running!
2. Got the kids to school
3. Washed sheets
4. Vacumed
5. Dusted
6. Made dinner
7. Exercised
8. Watched AI and Biggest Loser

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Spring
2. Going to Georgia
3. Going to Lake Powell
4. Summer
5. the Marathon Relay with my friends
6. Watching my kids grow
7. Pigging out tonight after I weigh in at WW
8. Spending time with Justin

8 Favorite Restraunts:
1. Ruby River
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. The Cheesecake Factory
4. Olive Garden
5. Red Robin
6. Cafe Rio
7. CPK
8. The Pizza Factory

8 Things on my wishlist
1. Straight eyes for Syd
2. Lose my last 7 lbs.
3. Go on a vacation alone with Justin
4. Kids that clean up after themselves
5. Take my family to Hawaii
6. Be the best mom ever
7. Be the best wife ever
8. Have a little more time

8 People I tag
1. LeAnn
2. Misty
3. Tiff
4. Melody
5. Michelle
6. Jamie
7. Stacia
8. Kim (again)


Meladie said...

I, too, am looking forward to our relay run...I think :) I'm mostly so excited just to see all you guys! It'll be so fun!

Bryan and Jessica said...

you are amazing! do you like doing ww? what does it cost a month to do it?

Carroll's said...

of course you know me!! I just don't love ALL food. Nothing ever sounds that great except for dessert!