Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Team Hollywood!

What a weekend! I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again! 5 of us ran a 31 mile relay. 2 legs each and each leg was around 3 miles or so. It was such a blast! We dedcided to drive the course the night before and it was great! I took the girls on a little off road adventure. I'm pretty sure some of them may have wet their pants! After a little shopping at wal-mart, decorating the car, and modeling our sweet costumes it was off to bed. 3 in one twin bed I might add! Its okay...we slept sideways and it worked out great!

You should have seen the looks we got when we pulled up to the starting line. We were pretty much the only team dressed up. But hey, it got us a prize! People were even asking to take our picture!
Can you spot Madonna at the porta potty?!
Madonna handing off to Dolly! Too bad it was so windy, it made it hard to keep our wigs on! But we did pretty good!

MJ to Elvis. Once again, the wind has blown the wig off. Hats off to Marci! She conquered angry man like no other! Way to go Marci!

Here we are at the finish line. 4 hours and 45 minutes! I was pretty proud of us. Especially my teammates, they really had to pick up the pace since I'm the slow one of the group. All the legs were challenging in their own way and everyone did so good! After literally hiking up the last hill (more like mountain) it was great to see my 4 teammates at the top! How could they not put a smile on my face! By the time I was to the finish line I was beat. But Michelle wouldn't have it! I grabbed her hand and we sprinted to the end! Thanks to everyone for the best weekend ever!!!


Michelle said...

Oh my heck! I want to go back and do it all over again too...it was so much fun. You did an awesome job! It is a good thing that we were in costume so hopefully nobody will ever recognize us!:)

Jimi said...

You guys look awesome! I really need to try out this running thing - you make it look a lot funner than it really is :)

Kim and Cory said...

I wish I could have ran with you! It looks like so much fun. Next year for sure.

The Tophams said...

Wow,Wow,Wow...you guys look awesome! I still totally laugh at loud looking at those costumes!Wish I would have been running with ya, maybe next year