Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonah

I can't believe my little guy turned 8 today! Jonah had a fun day playing with cousins. He spent the morning at the cabin with Grandpa, Uncle Bryce and Mason shooting clay pigeons and playing in the snow. Then it was party time. We just had some family come over for cake and ice cream and it was lots of fun. Jonah has some great cousins and loves spending time with them. Jonah has liked the Colt's ever since Grandma and Grandpa went on their mission to Indianapolis. Austin Collie was in my parents ward so he then became Jonah's favorite player. I've never been real great in the cake department but I really wanted to try to make fondant. I figured I could pull off a white cake with a blue horseshoe. I thought it turned out pretty great. (Thanks to Ann and Margo and their help) He liked it too. Happy birthday big guy!

A few things about Jonah:
He is REALLY smart. Not sure where he gets it from but he is super smart. He does great in school, is an awesome reader, and is always asking me questions that let me know his brain is working overtime. During his baptism interview the bishop even told him the Lord has blessed him with a great mind.
He is a good friend and loves to play with friends. He is lucky to have lots of good little buddies this age.
He really likes sports and his hoping to grow sometime soon and be able to play sports. He especially loves watching his cousins play.


Brittni Schroeder said...

and he is super handsome! Happy Birthday!

The Lovell's said...

The cake looks great! Good Job! Happy Birthday Jonah!

Kim and Cory said...

Sounds like a fun day and you should definitely keep doing the fondant thing. It looks awesome. I'll have to give it a try. Can't believe our little boys are 8.

The Tophams said...

Happy Birthday to Jonah! Good job on the cake, looks awesome! Maybe you could practice a Steelers one for next June for Austin's birthday:)