Monday, December 6, 2010

Jonah gets baptized

Jonah has been so excited to get baptized. He couldn't wait to wear a suit, it's all he wanted and he looked pretty handsome and grown up wearing it! His dad baptized him and Grandpa Gary confirmed him. It was a special day. We were so lucky to have so many family members there to support Jonah. Congratulations buddy! I'm so proud of you!

Grandma Judi made Jonah this candy grahm. I wish the picture was better so you could read it. This is what it says:
To our precious "sweettart" Jonah. U R A "Big Hunk" of a "Bliss" Today is better than a "100 Grand" "Payday"because of your Baptism and Confirmation. The Holy Ghost descending like a "Dove" is "mint" to guide you on the "Rocky Road" of life. "Twix" the ups and downs that may come your way use him "Good & Plenty" He will a "lifesaver" to you "Now & Later" "mounds" of "hugs" and "kisses" Love Grandma "Bliss" and Grandpa "Bliss"
(it's pretty great when there is chocolate with your name on it!)


Michelle said...

Congratulations to Jonah! I am sure it was a really special day. You are SUPER lucky to have chocolate with your name on it...there is not much better than chocolate! :)

Kim and Cory said...

Can't believe they're 8 years old. I still remember sitting on your front step both of us with big fat bellies :) Congrats Jo!

The Tophams said...

Congrats to Jonah, wow 8 years old! The candy gram is way cute too, I'm sure he can't eat all that chocolate so you better eat some for him...or bring it to me:)