Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Programs, Programs and more programs!!

We got to go to lots of Christmas programs this year. Kids sure make life busy, but super fun! Our first concert was Hailey's 6th grade orchestra concert. She plays the piano and I'm so glad she does. It's going to help her a lot....even if she doesn't believe me! The next day was Syd's band concert. She is playing the clarinet and really likes it. 5th grade band concerts can be a little noisey but it was still fun to see her sittting up there with her class.

Next, Hailey had a dance recital. She loves dance and gets better every year. I didn't get a good picture of her dancing but it was a super cute dance and her and her cousin Olivia were cute partners.
Then Danny had his Kindergarten program. This may have been my favorite program of all. I just love his age, especially this time of year. All the kids were so cute and excited! Danny and his cousing Phoebe look like they could be twins!

Last was Jonah's dance program. I didn't get a great picture of him either, but he has some pretty good moves. He even had a speaking part totally memorized that I didn't even know he was doing! He did great. It was a fun, busy week of programs!


The Tophams said...

Fun times! Gotta love those programs, especially those elementary school ones:) Enjoy Danny's while you can!

Michelle said...

Wow, you did have a few to go to. I love the kindergarten program too. It was really cute!

Kim and Cory said...

holy programs for you! I was loving watching Jonah at his program! He has some amazing moves :)