Monday, May 12, 2008

The Brothers!

Boys are so much fun. These two have a great time together (usually)
Jonah has always been a little shrimp, and Danny is huge! They actually weight the exact same. 39 lbs. Jonah hasn't quite figured out that Danny is as big as him, he is sure he is much stronger, faster, smarter, etc. than Danny. But that's okay, Danny doesn't mind. As long as Jonah will play with him, he is a happy camper!


Ryan & Melanie said...

Hey I just started blogging too. It is kind of scary. Now we can keep in touch a little. It was good to see you over the weekend.

Jimi said...

Hey, I found your blog off Melanie's. I'm so excited! My mom keeps me up to date on your ever expanding family :) I hope all is good. Keep in touch

Meladie said...

I'm glad you found us...I haven't seen you forever! It's fun to see your family...I can't believe how much your kids have grown! Congrats on the new one coming. I'll have to come up one day when school is out and we'll all have to go to the park and catch up. I miss my Delta friends! By the way, just noticed you love the twilight series too...I'm so much in love as well! Can't wait for august (4th book)! Good to hear from you, keep in touch.