Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mom, pleeeaaase can we keep it?

Danny thinks it's a horse, Jonah wants it to sleep with him!

Look what wondered into our yard today. (well, our sand anyway) It is probably the biggest dog I have ever seen and my kids can't get enough of it. They've fed it cat food, (it's all we have) and given it water and played with it all day. I'm sure someone out there is really sad their dog is missing, but for now it's keeping my kids outside and happy, so I guess I'll let it stay as long as it wants. I'm sure when Justin gets home and sees it he'll want to keep it too! Sometimes he's my biggest kid!


melissa said...

we used to have a dog like that! it's a great pyranese (sp?) right? she was an awesome dog.

Jimi said...

I love my mom's dogs because the kids love them and play with them and they don't live at my house! That dog looks pretty great though. We missed you guys this weekend, did you wimp out too?