Thursday, May 22, 2008

School's out!!

Time to start the movie!

That should keep them happy!

Too much sugar!

Do you think I got enough candy?


Macey, Hailey, Sydni, Brynlee

Sydni and Hailey both came home from school excited because they both got the teachers they wanted for next year. Hailey got Mr. Atkinson and Syd got Mrs. Dutson. It should be a good year! Both girls had a great year this year too. They had awsome teachers and both did really good. Jonah thought as soon as preschool was over, he'd be going to Kindergarten the next day. He loves school and it's going to be a long summer. After much stress, I requested for him to be all day Kindergarten. I hope I made the right decision. He loves school so much and gets a little bored at home with me and Danny, but I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be gone all day. I guess they really do grow up fast!! Also, three trips to the school in one day with a new baby doesn't sound too fun! Hopefully Danny can last through another school year. Every time we drop the kids off he cries because he wants to go to "schooloo leally" bad!!
Ever since we decided to put a theater room in the house I've promised the girls they could have a last day of school party. We had pizza, pop, and candy, candy and more candy. I hope I don't have too many mad moms! As I suspected, they didn't watch the whole movie, but still had tons of fun running around screaming their heads off!! Girls are Loud!!! We had a little bit of girl drama (as usual) but everyone had a great time and the girls are already planning for next year! UH-OH!!


Jimi said...

OMG that has got to be Brynlee Bassett, if not she sure looks like Casey and Jaime! Your house looks beautiful, I need to come and see it. You are a great mom!

Ryan & Melanie said...

You are a very nice mom! Looks like they had fun. Is that my cute Macey?

Brittni said...

I want to come party at your house!

melissa said...

OH MY GOSH!! your theater room is SOO awesome! That had to be a blast for them. Your house looks so beautiful.