Saturday, July 19, 2008

A day at the Res!

Danny was having fun, but didn't really want his picture taken today.

Hilary, Heather, and cute sis-in-laws

Building sandcastles


Bathing beauties~Claire and Hailey

Come on in the water's fine, just not very clean!!

Danny's bathroom break. This is my favorite thing about easy!!

Thanks to my awsome sisters-in-law for planning a res day. Although I look pretty scarey in a swimming suit I couldn't have sat home all day long so we sat at the res instead and had a great day! The kids played and played and then slept and slept! I love days like that!


Kim said...

good job Darla! You've been busy today. I love the picture of danny peeing on the tree with the rope thing in his buttcrack! :)

Knight Family said...

You are amazing!! We haven't even gone to the res this year. I love the picture of Danny, how fun would it be to have a boy!

Ryan & Melanie said...

Little boys are so good at peeing on trees. Good Luck with your baby!

Jimi said...

You have been a busy little mom...cute pictures! Hey when is that baby going to be here? Good luck.