Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the mouth of......JONAH

So last night I was laying there thinking (because that's what you do when you are 39 weeks pregnant, and getting comfortable enough to sleep is pretty much impossible) all my kids are pretty funny, and have said some pretty clever things. Of course I have pretty much forgotten andything Hailey and Syd ever said or did, so I decided I should write a few things down that I can remember from Jonah. This kids brain goes at least a million miles an hour!

Me: Jonah, why are you crying?
Jonah: Because nobody will tell me how the baby is going to come out!!
Syd: Jonah, that is only a conversation for big girls!

One day, after a long day of preschool :) Jonah couldn't stay awake any longer and had a four hour nap, but it was still light outside when he woke up.
Jonah: Do I have soccer today?
Me: No you have soccer tomorrow, remember
Jonah: It's still yesterday???

Stacia shared this one with me, I thought it was so hilarious!
Austin: Hey Jonah, the "YODEO" is coming
Jonah: What's a "YODEO"?
Austin: You know, there's buckin' bulls and horses and stuff
Jonah: Oh!! You mean a "WODEO"

When we drive, Jonah never stops talking, here are a few from the back seat
Jonah: Mom, when you were little, did you think Darla was a kid name?

Jonah: Mom I love Santa, but when I think about his sleigh, and making reindeer fly, I don't know how that could be real!!!

Jonah: Remember when I got swallowed by that whale, then he spit me out, that was fun!

Jonah: How many more seconds until we get to Sea World??

He is quite the kid and really keeps us on our toes. I wish I could remember more!! I love you Jonah!


Jimi said...

Finally a new post! :) I love hearing all the funny things from everyone's kids. Jonah is so cute!

Ryan & Melanie said...

I love it! Kids are so dang funny!

Kurtis, Stacia, Austin, & Tate said...

How funny! I kinda forgot about the "yodeo", that made me laugh! I need to keep a better record of funny things Austin does, thanks for the suggestion!

Kim said...

That is hilarious! I miss that kid. Haven't seen him forever. One of these days we'll have to make them play together! ;)He says some FUNNY things.

Meladie said...

Cute post! I loved the Yodeo/Wodeo one....HA HA! Kids are absolutley hilarious! Good luck on the new little one! Update and let us know how it goes!