Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Vacation!

Well, we just got back from our family vacation to San Diego. We had a really great time. I was really hesitant to go on this little trip. Between me being seven months along, and Justin's broken leg I really didn't see how we were going to do it. But I felt great the entire time and Justin hobbled along. We didn't move too fast, but we got where we needed to be and ended up having one of our funnest vacations. We got a few looks with four little kids, and my big belly...but oh well!
We went to Knotts Berry Farm, the Wild Animal Park, Sea World, the Beach, then stopped by Rick and Lindsey's to visit them. We were gone for a whole week and still survived each other. What a miracle! Now it's back to real life again, cooking, cleaning, and all the laundry that goes along with taking a trip. I wasn't going to work on this blog until all the laundry was done, but that didn't happen. Now I can't get any of my pictures to load......maybe it's a sign. Anyway, hopefully I will have some pictures up soon!


Ryan & Melanie said...

I am so jealous I love California. I am glad you had a good time. Your kids look so cute.

Kim said...

Your picture at the top is so cute! You planned that one didn't you:) I'm glad you had fun. I was worried about ya.