Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun at Rick and Lindsey's

If you know Rick, you know he hates to lose. But I had to post this picture and say I did beat him at bowling on the wii! Of course, we had to play again so he could win, and he did, but at least we're tied! I must be really proud of myself to post a pregnant pic!!

The pool was pretty cold, so Lindsey made all the kids hot chocolate when they were done swimming

Brandon, Danny and Jonah in the hot tub

Nice goggles!

Hailey wouldn't get in the pool because it was so cold, so Justin threw her in. What a nice dad!

Danny loves swimming!

It's always fun to stop and see Rick and Lindsey when we go down to California. They don't make it up to Delta too often so its good to see them down there. The kids love Lindsey's, what kid wouldn't, she has a pool. One of these times we'll have to go in the middle of summer, so the water won't be so cold! But once again, the kids didn't mind! The best part was Danny boxing Brandon. They both had on boxing gloves, and they are both big bullies, so it was really entertaining......and a little scarey. But no blood or tears were shed!

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Cory and Katie said...

Darla thanks for finding me...you look so cute pregnant! Amazing how time flies, your family is so cute!