Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lake Powell

Syd & Uncle Russ

Guitar Hero - You know I would've won!

Hailey loved her braids - thanks Aunt LeAnn

Syd LOVED the slide on the house boat

the kids swimming

Syd, Rylie & Hailey ready to tube

Whoa! Grandpa Gary!!

CRASH!! Syd didn't want to tube after this wreck

Kyle, Brayden, Ty


What fun Grandparents! The kids will never forget this trip!!

Katelyn, Taya, Rylie, & Hailey

All the granddaughters- Rylie, Bethany in back....Taya, Katelyn, Ragen, Syd, Hailey

Syd going down the slide.......AGAIN!!

Hailey with grandma & grandpa - they're the best!

The girls got to go to Lake Powell with my family last week. Everyone had so much fun! They left on Monday and luckily Max was born that day too because we didn't get to talk to them while they were gone. The big boys were crazy jumping off of cliffs, and the littler kids tubed, swam, fished, and went off the slide. Especially Sydni! Grandpa Gary said she went off the slide at least 900 times. Justin and I were sad we weren't there, but everyone had so much fun I think we will do it again next year. WE BETTER!!!! Thanks to my mom and dad and everyone else in my family for taking such good care of my girls. They got a little homesick but everyone was so good to them and they had a great time.


Jimi said...

Whoever took those pictures has an awesome camera-I'm jealous! I love Lake Powell! BTW your yard looks sooo good.

Kim said...

That looks like so much fun! You'll be there next year for sure. You got a cute little guy instead. :)

Ryan & Melanie said...

I bet your girls had so much fun. That is so nice of your family to take them.

Cory and Katie said...

I love the pics of your parents tubing...mine would never do that!!!YOur baby is so sweet, good job!