Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

It's time for school to start already. My kids were pretty excited. This is actually Hailey and Syd's third day of school. I really meant to get pictures on the first day, but we were running a little late. Imagine that! Anyway, Jonah couldn't wait for Kindergarten to start! He insisted on buying an alarm clock so he will get up in time. When it was FINALLY bed time last night we set the alarm and he was so excited. Well, this morning it beeped......and beeped.....and beeped. I guess he is too deep of a sleeper for an alarm clock. The rest of the house woke up with it though. He thinks we need to turn it up so it'll wake him up tomorrow! What a funny kid. Hailey is especially excited because her teacher said he's not sending home homework. I don't know who was more excited her or me!! Sydni wasn't too excited to hear about no homework for Hailey, but she still had a great first day and was really excited her teacher remembered her birthday and brought her a root beer and M&M's, her favorite. As for me, I enjoyed a quiet morning until Max and Danny woke up. Danny was a little sad to find everyone was at school, so we went and got M&M's and he was all better!


Kim said...

You got your fence done! You've inspired me. I want to re-landscape my yard! I'm sick of flowers and weeds. Now, we'll just see if it ever happens. Your kids are adorable and how lucky was Syd to get that awesome blowup slide? So fun. Your blog looks good to me!

Jimi said...

Your kids are such Churches, I love it. How about Max does he look more like Danny, or did that Church blood show through again? Cute pictures.