Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My friends and I decided it would be fun to have a halloween party. I don't know if the husbands were quite as excited! (Especially Kurtis and Justin) But we had lots of fun. We all dressed up, let the kids dress up and brought dinner and games. It was a pretty great laugh!!

Us girls
Brian and Tiff

Napoleon and Deb, I mean Kim and Cory!

The baker and the bun in the oven. Too bad you can't see
Michelle's prego belly in there!

The Royalty! Justin and Kurtis refused to dress up and
Barry couldn't be there, so we decided to be 80's queens!
Don't you just love Stacia's sleeves?
Thanks to all my great friends for a fun night. Too bad my battery in my camera died half way through the night so I didn't get any pictures of the kids. I'm sure between us all, there will be lots of pictures of everyone! Happy Halloween!!


Melanie said...

I Love it. You look awesome. Deb and Napoleon looks sweet(I mean Kim and Cory) How fun.

Carroll's said...

cory told me that I couldn't put his picture on my blog because he looks fat! So funny. little does he know...he can't stop me. :)

Meladie said...

Oh my heck, you guys look great! How fun, I'm sad I don't live closer to all you guys. It looks like you guys had a blast. One of these days I'm just gonna have to take a road trip up there and we can go get a coke :) (or pepsi, I know)

melissa said...

HOW FUN! You look so cute. I love napoleon and deb, too. That is a cute idea. You have some fun friends :)

The Nielson fam--- said...

oh my gosh! You guys all look hilarious! Looks like fun!

Chris and Chanda said...

What a crack up! It looks like a blast!

Hey, I was up in Delta last weekend and my mom drove me past your house to see your landscaping! I loved your house it is really awesome! The yard is beautiful too!

Cassie said...

How hilarious I totally remember that dress stacia is wearing I think it was Shannons? I don't think there is a duplicate anywhere at least I hope not. HA HA too fun!!

Amber said...

You guys look great! Gotta love your hair - your wings:)