Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today I feel Loved (and old)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am officially thirty, which is a good thing because I have felt older than I really am for a very long time! I started my family young, and had all my kids pretty close together. Whenever I would shop for maternity clothes, I always heard, "is this your first?" And I never did like saying, "No, this is my third (or fourth, or fifth)" "You don't look old enough to have three (or four, or five) kids." Ya, I heard that A LOT! But here I am in my thirties and feeling good about it.

My phone rang and beeped with texts all morning long. I have so many great friends that remembered me today and I just want to tell them all THANKS! I really do have the best family and friends anyone could ask for.

I even started my morning off with breakfast in bed, compliments of Hailey, Sydni and Justin. I love my family and they must love me. Here are some reasons being a wife and mom of 5 are not so bad.......

Hailey loves me enough to always remember my birthday or mothers day and wake me up with breakfast in bed. She also gives great foot rubs, they do cost a dollar, but they're worth every penny.

Sydni loves me enough to tickle my arm for hours and always tell me she loves me before bed and when she leaves for school! She always tells me I'm pretty.

Jonah loves me enough to hug me and kiss me any time I want even though he thinks he is way too cool!!

Danny loves me enough to let me hold him and rock him, even though he is not a baby, Max is a baby. Which he reminds me of often!

Max loves me enough to take a binky so I can have my body to myself every once in a while.

Justin loves me enough to pat me on the bum every time he walks past me. In all honesty, it drives me a little crazy, but when he doesn't do it, I wonder if he's mad at me.

I really do have a great family.


Brittni said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the thirties...the new twenties!

Knight Family said...

Happy Birthday! Isn't it great to feel old! Hope your day was great.

The Tophams said...

Happy Birthday again! How lucky you are to be done having kids (unless there's another Oopsie!) and you're only 30! I just had to tell you that what you wrote about Justin is EXACTLY Kurtis. I give him "the look" every time he does it, but then when he doesn't do it I get kinda worried that I ticked him off. He would be mad if he knew I wrote this!
Have a great b-day!

Meladie said...

Happy Birthday! I look forward to thirty :) The EXACT same thing always happens to me...I can't even count the number of people that have asked me if Taven was 'my first', and yea, they about die when I tell them he's my fourth! Oh, and I loved what you wrote about Justin...cuz I'm the SAME way! I hope you have a great deserve to!

Bryan and Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! thirty really isn't too bad. it really is kind of young still. i think that is way awesome to have five kids and you are just barely turning thirty. :) you really do amaze me though. anyways, have a really happy birthday!!!!

Bearden Family said...

Happy Birthday! I did call you today and talked to Hailey. I sent you a text, but I don't know if you got it. I never got a response.
I hope you have had a great day!

Carroll's said...

Why am I the only one who doesn't want to turn 30? And I am jealous that you're done being prego and having kids before 30, that was always my goal...obviously not going to happen.

melissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I loved what you wrote about how your family loves you, it was SOOO cute. I am glad you had a great birhtday. It was hard to be turning 30 last year for me until my actual birthday and then I thought, hey, I don't feel different LOL! I wish I could come up there and help with the project, too bad tx is so far away. Someday I am going to make it up there :) Megan is still in gymnastics. We have one more meet this year, phew! I am trying to figure out how to post videos so I can show her off :)