Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zion Ponderosa

We spent a WET weekend at Zion's. It was a really neat place we stayed at, but we could've enjoyed it a lot more if it wouldn't have rained the whole time! But we made the best of it, and still had a lot of fun. We went with Kim and Cory and had a nice cabin which was great. They had a big barn there with pool, ping pong, fooseball table and other stuff, so we did get to do a few activities. Kim and I played some indoor volleyball and realized we really need to practice if we're going to have a team! Sunday we left the cabin and drove through the Zion's Park. It was so pretty. Justin about freaked out when he looked in the back seat and all the kids were playing nintendo DS! They turned them off and enjoyed the scenery with us. They especially loved driving through the tunnels. We really loved this place and want to go back when the sun is shining.
Danny playing pool.
me and my boys
Jonah in the hot tub
Meg, Syd, and Hailey. The girls loved playing with Meg
Jonah and Walker ready for bed. They had so much fun together.
Jonah, Hailey, and Syd ready to eat strawberry waffles, our favorite!
Yes, we watched conference
Me and Justin playing ping pong
A mean game of fooseball going on!

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The Tophams said...

Fun times! It rains once in the last how many months, and it has to be during our vacations! Oh well, just a good excuse to go back vacationing again!