Thursday, October 9, 2008

It ended with a BANG!

Justin, me, Joe
I blew out all 3o candles! Danny was so proud!
Jonah picked out some awsome sunglasses for me!
Sydni and Hailey each got me a fall decoration
They even decorated their names on my card!

As everyone who read my last post knows, it was my birthday. I had a good day and lots of people remembered me which was great. The day was pretty busy though. I had to eat school lunch with Syd at 11, then Jonah had a dentist appt. at 1, picked up the kids at 3, made a big pot of broccoli soup for enrichment (actually, 2 pots, I burned the first one) and had to be there at 4 until 9. Justin kept texting me wondering when I'd be home, asking if I'd pick up some ice cream and cake on the way home because he didn't have anything for me. He'd bought a movie and wondered where it was because it was all he had to give me. I honestly didn't think anything of it, all I wanted was for the kids to be in bed when I got home. So I FINALLY left the church, got home and all the lights were off and it was quiet, so I was happy. Well, it didn't last long!! The lights came on and out jumps Justin, Hailey, Syd, Danny, Jonah, Darlene, Jordan and Karson!!!!! Wow! I was pretty surprised! If I planned someone a surprise party, I'd probably plan it for weeks! Not Justin, he came up with the idea and planned it in about a half hour!!! :) It was fun though, and the kids were so EXCITED! Especially Danny! Justin had taken all the kids to ALCO (hey, it's all we've got!) and they each picked something out for me, it was so cute! Thanks to my awsome family for making my day that much more fun!!


Michelle and Todd said...

Happy big 30th Darla! I loved your last post. You do have a great family - - It shows because you are a great mom!! :)

The Carter's said...

Happy birthday!! and please do come by for the party i would love to have you there