Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day!

We had such a fun Christmas this year! All the kids seemed to be at just the right ages to be SO excited for Santa to come! Justin told the girls they could come out at 7:30! So mean! They woke up at 5:58 (according to Hailey) and watched TV until about 7 when we told them they could come down. We let Danny sleep in until he was ready to wake up on his own. It was better than dealing with the monster he would have been. When he woke up he looked over the banister and said, "my tracks are here" It was so funny. He had been dying for some train tracks for so long. It was such a fun morning!

Danny was so excited to play with his tracks, he didn't even
have time to put his pants back on!!
Oops...this picture got in twice. Syd asked Santa for Webkinz
and she really loaded up on them!

Hailey started screaming when she saw her ipod! What a girl!
New matching Christmas pj's

Jonah loving his leapster tag book, this kid is obsessed with
learning to read!

Jonah and his speed racer race track!

Danny with his tracks. He even got an awsome table for them

Where is Max? Peacefully sleeping through it all. What a lucky little guy!
After opening presents Grandma and Grandpa Church came over to see all the stuff. So did Darlene and her boys. Then that afternoon we went back to Darlene's for lunch. It was so yummy. That night we went to the Bliss' for Christmas dinner. Yes, we ate a lot today!


Jamie said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas. I love the picture of Danny without his pants.

Wilson Family said...

I love it!! I love when the kids are so excited with what they get. We too love the webkinz.