Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Church Family Party

I was in charge of the Church family party this year. It took a while to settle on a date,but we finally decided the day after Christmas and everyone was able to come. It was so much fun. I fixed taco salad for dinner then had a ice cream sunday bar. Everyone seemed to like it, especially the kids and the whipped cream and sprinkles!! After we ate we played-Do you love your cousin- Then all the kids opened their gifts, then the adults opened theirs. It's so fun to get toghether, we always have such a fun time. I have the funniest brothers in the world, so we never stop laughing! Thanks for such a fun party everyone!!

Kyle with his Titans mug - Go Titans!!
Max and his present

Grandpa asking Jonah if he loves his cousins!
Getting ready to play

The fam! (some of them anyway)

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