Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Nativity

Every year my mom does a little live nativity with all the grandkids while my dad reads from the scriptures. It always turns out so cute and it's so fun to see all the little kids dressed up. Although......most of the kids aren't so little anymore. What good sports the teenage boys are to dress up for the nativity. I guess it's just too hard to say know to Grandma!

Hailey, Taya, and Rylie....the angels

All dressed up. Except Brayden, he was the donkey that carried
Mary in.....too bad we don't have a costume for that!

Syd was so happy to be Mary this year, especially with a real baby Jesus

What a cute little shepherd

Jonah and Danny as shepherds
Even though the big boys might not love dressing up, I am so happy we do this every year. I am so guilty for getting caught up in all the hustle and bustle that I have a hard time slowing down and taking the time to remember why we really do have Christmas. This nativity is such a good reminder for me and my kids. Thanks Grandma!


melissa said...

that is so cute! i wish we did something like that. was max baby jesus?

Wilson Family said...

I would like to be Mary and hold baby Max. He looks like he is having a ball. Your older boys are REALLY good sports to keep on doing this. The probably like it too they just don't want to say it.