Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Family Home Evening we decided to make a list of some things we were THANKFUL for. With all the excitement of CHRISTMAS we forget about Thanksgiving. I try to be thankful all the time, but it's nice to have an excuse to really stop and think about all that we have. I know I have more than I could ever ask for and I am Very Thankful! Here are a few things the rest of my family is thankful for:
JUSTIN: Hailey, Sydni, Jonah, Danny, Max, Darla, church, sun, cows, friends, Dad, Angelina Jolie, star wars, our house, work, USA (so far), grass, lawn mowers, computers, families, the priesthood, good health.

DARLA: Justin, Hailey, Sydni, Jonah, Danny, Max, our house, our car, music, running shoes, my ipod, my dishwasher, Christmas, food, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the scriptures, church, pianos, computers, the priesthood, parents, good friends, our year supply, hot baths, pepsi

HAILEY: mom, dad, family, grandparents, food, house, ice cream, Max, best friend Mikah, Christmas, pioneers, Jesus, hair, build-a-bears, trees, stockings, computers, dog, cats, horses

SYDNI: family, friends, food, water, pilgrams, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, dishes, furniture, paper, our house, our car, TV, Christmas, Thanksgiving, turkey, clothes

JONAH: my family, my mom, my dad, my granpo, my dad, my sisdr, my bruvr, my babiy (Jonah insisted on writing his own, so he didn't come up with too many)

DANNY: my friend Guy, my friend Mel, my dog, Maxies, Jonah, Christmas, my house, my room, my jammies, Santa, windows

I really do have so much to be thankful for this year, and every year. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Carroll's said...

Thats such a cute idea. I love that Justin put that he was thankful for Angelina Jolie. And I love Jonah's spelling. oh, and that Danny was thankful for Mel and Guy. he's hilarious. And Happy Bday Johah!

Marci said...

What a great FHE! Look at you! I might be able to actually make it through something like that without the entire family dying of boredom! ha ha