Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A week of Halloween

I don't think we've ever had such a busy halloween! Between two parties, a halloween piano recital, thriller, dressing up for school and then the actual halloween night....we definately got our money out of our costumes this year! The kids had alot of fun though! I think Danny would wear his costume every day if I let him! Hailey is officially too cool to go trick-or-treating with us and went with friends! We stopped at my parents then went to Darlene's. From there Justin took the kids around and I stayed at Darlene's, it was awsome! They got tons of candy and had a great time!

Julie invited us the their halloween party again this year! It is always so much fun! The kids had a blast and I love seeing everyone in their costumes! Thanks for inviting us, can't wait until next year!

Someone even escaped from the hospital to come!! :)

MAMA MIA!! Look at these hotties!

B and Danny in the 4-legged race

Syd, Hailey, Cole, Dallin

Jonah getting mummy-wrapped by Hayden

Jonah was so excited...he knocked the pinata right off of the rope,
but it still didn't break!

Me, Kim, Kathy


Justin and Carolyn Taylor said...

I'm back!!! Be sure to tell Justin thanks!

Melanie said...

Your kids look so cute. I love Ann and Janets costumes.

Yes some one only has a few hours left in her twenties. :(

Ashlee Andersen said...

Hey, I googled your name and found your cute blog, mine is

Ashlee Andersen

Carroll's said...

That was such a funny party. I love that you took a picture of Keith's butt! Nice work.